Stable release

To install ISLEX pronunciation dictionary core entries, run this command in your terminal:

$ pip install islex-core

This is the preferred method to install the core data entries, as it will always install the most recent stable release.

If you don’t have pip installed, this Python installation guide can guide you through the process.

From sources

The sources for ISLEX pronunciation dictionary core entries can be downloaded from the Github repo.

You can either clone the public repository:

$ git clone git://

Or download the tarball:

$ curl  -OL

Once you have a copy of the source, you can install it with:

$ python bdist_wheel
$ pip install -U dist/*.whl

Release checklist

Update HISTORY.rst with release notes for upcoming release. Commit to master.

Check that everything still works:

$ make test-all

Update the version number:

$ bumpversion patch  # or minor, or major?

Make sure everything still works:

$ make test-all

Push the version bump and its tag up to the repo:

$ git push; git push --tags

Expect (if you’re Jeremy) that travis will push the wheel to pypi.

Edit the release on Github (e.g. Paste release notes into the release’s release page, and come up with a title for the release.